parameters1:Cast Aluminum/alloy dull painting chrome coating finish
parameters2:Digital gauge watchcase size 2.28"
parameters3:Air Inlet: 1/4"NPT

1. Pure Aluminum/alloy Die-casting dull painting chrome coating finish

2. Digital gauge watchcase size 2.28"

3. Scale selection mode: psi,kpa,bar,kgf/cm2

4. Silicone glass resin watch pane window.

5. Protective rubber gear casing.

6. Chromeplate/Nickelplate trigger with isolated trigger casing.

7. Fine copper air release valve.

8. Fine copper with clip-on chuck.

9. Flexible and replaceable air hose.
10. Big hanging hook.
11. Air Inlet: 1/4"NTP.
12. Rated pressure: 0-150psi

13. Available for custom painting and OEM job.

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